We have been asked why we don’t write any posts in English. Therefore, this post is for you Liz!

Yesterday was my last day at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. I went to work as every morning but this time with mixed emotions. Sad that it was my last day but also exited to start with something new. My last days has only been about filing, packing and cleaning up all the papers and stuff that you always think that you will need someday but never do.

During these two years I’ve had the best colleagues there is. We have had so much fun together with tons of practical jokes, giggles and good laughs.
And so we did this last day.

As comes with quitting your job I had bought a cake and at the end of the day we gathered together for one last time. Instead of going to our personnel room we all, about 15 persons, pressed together in one of our conference room. As always there was a lot of jokes and laughter.
Suddenly the conference telephone rang. And one of us answered it and put on the speakers.
“Hello” we heard a women said in the speakers.
We are all so well behaved and well teached about ethics in telephone meetings that we all, 15 persons, started to answer her with “hello”. Which took us a while since we were 15 persons.
The women was dead silent for a moment and then we heard again:
And we all started all over again, 15 persons, to greet her with “hello”. During all 15 hellos it started to occur to us how it must sound. Like an echo of hellos from all over the room and in different voices. And we started to giggle.
After another silence from the women she said:
“Nooo, I must have got the wrong number” and she hung up.
To you, not in that room with us, I suppose it does not sound funny at all. But to us it did. And we laughed so hard that tears started to pour down our faces.

And that is what I will miss the most. All the fun we have had together. To go to work knowing that sometime during the day we will have a good laugh together. And there has been a lot of that. Fun messages, written in the name of someone who forgot to secure his or hers computer. Messages in our supervisor’s calendar, like “hug Lars” or “give candy to Sara”. Tampered letters in a colleague’s keyboard or computers with hiccups.

Hopefully my new colleagues will be the same!